The Secrets To Scaling A Franchise System (That Most People Won’t Tell You About)

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Excel Franchise Development Blog

Grow Your Franchise Brand To Greatness

By Finding The Right Franchise Owners

(And Lots Of Them)

Excel FD is a boutique franchise development firm that specializes in scaling emerging franchise brands.


Through a hyper-targeted strategy that creates a massive pipeline of high-quality candidates who want to own your franchise so you can select the right franchisees to build your brand around.

(And you can throttle it to go as fast as you want).

The Secrets To Scaling A Franchise System

(That Most People Won’t Tell You About)

Secret #1

Your franchise system’s success will achieve greatness if you partner with the right franchise owners early on.

(not to mention your life as a franchisor will be a lot easier).

Oh yeah…your enterprise value will grow exponentially which is handy for when those private equity companies come knocking.

Secret #2

By consistently recruiting the right franchise owners early, your franchise system will grow smoothly and more sustainably.

You’ll experience an easier and more predictable path to being royalty self-sufficient…every franchisor’s first critical milestone.

And, you’ll have MORE FUN & LESS PAIN turning your vision into a reality.

Secret #3

Here’s the thing…finding the right franchise owners isn’t as easy as it sounds.

One universal truth to franchise advertising is that portals suck.

Franchise brokers perform well for some brands.

Digital advertising campaigns can work well.

Social media advertising can be a honey hole.

Targeting other franchise owners even works in some cases.

Tapping into your customer base can be a good source too.

The key to figuring out what works best for your brand is putting together the right campaigns that targets the right candidates and speaks to the soul of your ideal franchise owner.

Then shepherding them through an engaging mutual evaluation, brand education process run by a talented salesperson who can bring on the owners you want.

Because, if you can crack the code and build a self-sustaining franchise recruitment strategy, you’ll reach the mountaintop of greatness.

Plus, you’ll be a stronger (and more valuable) company.

That’s where we come in…

Our Secret?

The Excel FD Growth System


Backed by over 50 years of experience in the emerging non-food franchise world and being involved in awarding over 1,000 franchise licenses for multiple brands, Excel FD builds you a world-class franchise marketing strategy fueled by a high-powered recruitment system that attracts the right franchise owners to your brand.

FDD Design and Construction

Hyper-Targeted Lead Generation

Compelling Sales Collateral

Strong Mutual Evaluation Process

Elite Franchise Sales Talent

Compliance with FTC Regulations

Managing the Development Process

Recruiting High Performing Franchisees


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Want Proof?

Laundro Lab

“Launching a new franchise concept can be daunting, but with Excel FD on your side, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of franchise development. Their expertise and guidance helped us attract, educate, and onboard new owners, and their coaching and support enabled us to close our first few transactions successfully. But they didn’t stop there. Excel FD also helped us think long-term by developing a scalable system, refining our processes, and identifying the right talent to bring franchise development in-house. Thanks to their dedication to putting people first, we now have a thriving franchise business. If you’re looking for a team who are not only experts at their craft but also great guys who genuinely care about your success, look no further than Excel FD.”

-Dan D’Aquisto
Co-Founder of LaundroLab and 2ULaundry

“Excel FD was the perfect partner in the early days of Spiffy launching our franchise offering. They brought industry knowledge and unique marketing strategies that helped us get in front of our early franchise owners. Excel FD is fantastic with ideas on copy and content that works to reach your audience, and their vast range of franchise experience helped with our go-to-market strategy. If you’re launching a franchise, Excel FD is a fantastic partner who puts in the effort to really understand your brand and what makes your business special.”

Connor Finnegan
VP of Strategy, Spiffy Car Care


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