A little about us…

We always love the “about me” page on websites like this because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the owner of the site.

So after Dennis, Andrew, and Dru made several attempts to sound smarter than they really are by writing about themselves in the third person, they quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like a letter to a friend.

Which, in many ways it is.

Now, before we get into our stories, it’s important to understand why we do what we do.

You see, the three of us are franchise lifers in the emerging franchise world.

We’ve all been a part of brands that have gone on to achieve greatness. We’ve been franchisors, franchise executives, franchise development reps, franchise brokers, and franchise owners.

One thing we know is greatness begins by partnering with the right franchise owners.

So we came together around a common mission to help emerging franchise franchises find the right franchise owners and help you grow your brand to greatness.

Here are our stories…

Dennis Campbell

Dennis Campbell

Dennis joins Excel FD fresh off an amazing run leading Franchise Development for Big Blue Swimschool. Over a five-year run with this private equity-backed brand, Dennis’ efforts resulted in over 300 Big Blue’s in development nationwide.

Fun fact: Big Blue could be on track to become the next billion-dollar franchise brand.

Dennis fell into franchising sixteen years ago as the first franchisee of Tutor Doctor. At the time, he had three children under the age of five. And, he had no idea Tutor Doctor would grow to become the international company it is today.

After a great run at Tutor Doctor and selling his franchise, Dennis joined the Home Office team where he did a variety of things including Field Operations supporting franchise owners and leading their worldwide franchise development growth.

Today, Tutor Doctor has over 700 franchises in 14 countries.

Andrew Horton

Andrew Horton

Andrew got very lucky as a Junior at a small business school in Minneapolis/St. Paul. That luck was having Jeff Elgin, the founder of FranChoice and legendary franchise executive offer him an internship the 2nd month of the Franchise Consulting company’s operation.

Andrew got what seemed like an annual MBA in franchising…learning from all that a start-up represents and working closely with hundreds of franchise company founders from every industry you can imagine and then helping them navigate their early growth.

During those first 13 years at FranChoice, he also worked as a franchise company executive in Portland, owned and successfully exited a national painting franchise in Minneapolis, and got into the Salon Suites industry as a 2nd franchisee investment with his Dad.

Andrew was then recruited to an emerging brand FSO to help them find quality franchise brands, set up their franchise development systems, and incubate a couple of concepts. Another great opportunity to learn what franchisors go through as they launch.

But he missed FranChoice and went back in 2014 to become an independent consultant, helping individuals invest in franchises…which he still does today.

Andrew has been helping brands, mostly emerging, figure out the early growth stages of franchising, speaking at emerging franchisor events and sharing best practices to help those brands set a foundation for success.

Dru Carpenito

Dru Carpenito

Dru fell into franchising 18 years ago (completely accidentally).

After getting his master’s, he went to work for AdvantaClean which started to franchise shortly after he joined.

Dru ended up leading AdvantaClean’s franchise development as it expanded from two company-owned locations into a nationwide brand (which is where he met Andrew). AdvantaClean has since been acquired by Home Franchise Concepts.

After his run at AdvantaClean, Dru was recruited by Tutor Doctor to lead its domestic and international franchise growth (which is where he met Dennis).

After getting Tutor Doctor’s worldwide expansion on track and bringing on over 100 new franchise owners a year, he left the corporate world to join FranChoice where he quickly became a top performing Franchise Consultant.

Dru’s opened, sold, and invested in franchises since then.

He’s consulted with a number of brands on their franchise development strategy.

He’s also written a book called The Franchise Investment Guide.

And he hosts a podcast called Franchise Masters.

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